Girls in Aviation at ACS Flight Training

Girls in Aviation at ACS Flight Training

Girls in Aviation at ACS Flight Training

ACS Flight Training, Perth, continues to encourage females into aviation and has announced an event to celebrate and promote those who are looking to start their flying training.

Louise Ewart, the first female board director of ACS Flight Training

Graeme Frater, Managing Director of ACS Flight Training says;

“As part of our drive to encourage more females into flying, we have appointed our first female board director, Louise Ewart. Louise has helped organise our Girls in Aviation Day on the 23rd of September 2017. Louise says “We are all very excited about this event. We want to say to girls and women of all ages that the barriers are coming down, there is no stigma associated with being a woman in this industry.”

On 23rd September 2017, ACS Flight Training will be offering all women 50% off all Flying Experiences on the day. This includes flights in our 2-Seater and 4-Seater aircraft as well as 50% Flight Simulator Experiences.

This event gives those interested in aviation a chance to connect with other girls and women who are excited about aviation and want to explore the opportunities to work in the aviation industry. Make the most of the discounted trial flights and experience the high-flying fun that aviation offers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet woman with careers in aviation and explore the world of aviation.

This is a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes at ACS Flight Training. View our aircraft and flight training facilities whilst spending the day with women that share your passion for aviation.


Girls in Aviation day is on 23rd September 2017 at ACS Flight Training, Perth Airport, Scotland. Find out more about ACS Flight Training here.

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