Kura Aviation Places 100th Pilot

Kura Aviation Places 100th Pilot

Kura Aviation Places 100th Pilot

Kura Aviation, based in  Stratford-upon-Avon has announced that they will soon have placed their 100th pilot into airlines.

As a specialist MCC and JOC provider, Kura Aviation C.I.C aims to achieve the high standards in new flight crew that airlines look for to fill the right hand seat in a modern jet transport aircraft. Bridging the gap between newly qualified Multi Engine IR pilots, the BESTPILOT course has quickly become renowned in the aviation industry for producing pilots to the highest standard. A combination of non-technical skill training, interview training and an intensive simulator course provides airlines with pilots they can trust from the outset.

In a challenging industry, this is a fantastic achievement and is excellent news for people who wish to make flying their career. In less than three years, Kura Aviation has:

  • 143 trainee pilots enrolled on the BESTPILOT programme
  • 99 new First Officers now flying with 19 airlines
  • 19 BESTPILOTs are airline ready and itching to get in the right hand seat
  • 13 BESTPILOTs are currently in training
  • 8 BESTPILOTs are due to attend airline selection in the next few weeks
  • 4 are awaiting the outcome of airline selection
  • Supplier of Trainee Entry Pilots to BA Cityflyer
  • One of two nominated suppliers of Cadet Pilots to AirTanker
  • Launched BA Cityflyer First Officer Placement Programme
  • Launched BA Cityflyer First Officer Modular Pathway

Kura Aviation says: “In a market where 50+ newly qualified pilots enter the market every month we believe the employment success rate we have achieved to date, and continue to achieve, is impressive. This at a time when recruitment slows down due to busy summer flying schedules and little training capacity.”

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Are you looking for a place to complete your MCC and JOC with a view to fly for an airline? If so, read more about Kura Aviation here.

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