Class 2

Please note: the following advice is only correct for the UK Civil Aviation Autority. Flightory is not a medical service and cannot be held accountable for any advice given below. Always contact an Aviation Medical Examiner for advice on aviation medical needs.

The CAA Class 2 medical is a requirement for a pilot to hold to operate light aircraft with a Private Pilots Licence. With a Class 2 medical it is not possible to fly for commercial gain, for that you need a Class 1, but this does mean the requirements are much less. The Class 2 medical however does allow a pilot to become a PPL Flight Instructor with no restrictions.

The Class 2 initial medical can be performed at any Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and consists of the following tests:

  • Medical History
  • Colour Vision
  • Eyesight
  • Physical Examination
  • Hearing Test
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Lung Function Test (Spirometry)
  • Haemoglobin Blood Test
  • Lipid/Cholesterol Test
  • Urine Test

Once one obtains a Class 2 medical, it must be maintained by renewing it ever 1 to 5 years. The time between renewals depends upon a pilots age, but is summarised below:

  • Under 40 years of age – Every 60 months
  • Between 40-49 – Every 24 months
  • 50 and over – Yearly

In addition, the requirement of an electrocardiograph (ECG) is at the initial examination after the age of 40, then once every two years once you get to 50 or more. Ears are also tested with an audiogram, once on your initial test, then every 5 years, until you reach 40 years of age then it increases to every 2 years.

The Class 2 medical is not particularly strenuous in comparison to the more thorough Class 1 medical, however it must be noted that a good level of fitness is recommended and that conditions and medications which may seem normal are not allowed. As with all things medical related, always contact your AME for advice, they know best!

More information can be found on the UK CAA medical website here: