most characters at semi-low percentages, however his moves have long start ups and are easily punishable if he wiffs the attack or the enemy properly dodges or shields his attacks due to their long recovery periods. Ike having to defeat Ashera doesn't say much, dialogue about training, sparring and the like is probably the best indication of any character's ability. Promotion event happens at the end of Chapter 3-E. Ike is a much stronger unit in this game. Relatives He is also the first Fire Emblem character in Super Smash Bros. to speak English. Ike (アイク, Aiku), is the main protagonist of the video games, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for the Nintendo GameCube, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii. Ike in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Ike returns in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, making him the second Fire Emblem representative to appear in more than one iteration of Smash Bros. Ike appears in his Hero clothes from Radiant Dawn while still wielding Ragnell. It reads "When this Unit attacks a Main Character, you can pay the cost, and if you do, destroy up to two Units that are not the enemy Main Character, also give all your units +10 ATK until the end of your opponent's next turn." Where can I find Master Seals early in the game? Finally, Brave Lyn shuts down his Distant Counter ability thanks to Sacae's Blessing. Due to having been influenced and raised on the battlefield, a key characteristic of Ike is his more adult-view of the world. laughed to herself at the seemingly impossible thought and mocked Abraham and God in her heart. As for his Series 5 SR, it brings to bear Ike's mighty signature move, Aether. For most of the game, he is in the service of Princess Elincia, serving as her personal bodyguard. Ike is a powerful frontline brawler thanks to his legendary weapon, Ragnell, and his unique Heavy Blade skill. Starting Class Like I can take on anyone." Hating saying more than needs to be said, he is always stouthearted, leading some to perceive this as him acting above his actual ability. This essentially leads to Ike forming a truce with Micaiah's forces, as they traverse toward the Tower of Guidance in Part IV. DaeinCrimea I would assume it would be someone with holy blood (be it like … Pit holds a special conversation with Palutena and Viridi to comment on one of Pit's opponents, giving him helpful tips about their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimate. While he can reduce damage thanks to his refined Urvan, he cannot shave damage from AoE specials used on the likes of Lilina and Ophelia. But either way, these flaws are minimal and if possible, he could solo the entire game. In Story Mode: Subspace Emissary, Ike helps Marth and Meta Knight through their journey. Ike est apparu dans deux jeux de la série des Fire Emblem, ou il tient le rôle de personnage principal : Dans \"l'Émissaire Subspatia… However, while growing up, he had a miserable childhood because he was a Branded, with the mark being on his back (according to him, someone on his father's side was with a laguz). For Fire Emblem: Awakening on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why is everybody like "Oooh Ike's so strong"..." - Page 4. My name is Ike of the Greil Mercenaries. This is based on the numerous chapter dialogue in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Ike is the son of Greil, leader of the Greil Mercenaries, and takes leadership when his father is killed by the Black Knight. Gender Race Another example of this is at the epilogue when Ike expressed his desire to fight Caineghis in a one-on-one match and suggested controlled matches as a way of testing each other's strength. Finally Defense Tactic is his Skill C, which grants Def +6 to all allies in range so long as the number of movement types in his range are two or less. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Log In Sign Up. Finally, he has Swordbreaker which allows him to duel many speedy sword units with his strong damage output on top of the bonus follow-up attack. Said naïvete does work in his favor, as he bears no prejudice against the Laguz since he is indifferent towards their status and more concerned with their actions, whereupon he winds up gaining their trust with deeds of his own, one of which include defending Ranulf from being assaulted by a group of Beorc. An Egyptian man brought over to work on a pyramid surely saw more physically challenging tasks on a day to day basis, but Arnold Schwarzenegger would be more built than any of them despite that. Comparisons to other Fire Emblem titles. Ike is the only one capable of actually landing the final blow on the final boss. So, what's the best path to go with Miriel. She then passes her judgment upon the continent of Tellius, turning practically everyone, save for the strongest warriors in both armies, to stone. This Skill reads "For every card stacked with this Unit, reduce the cost of 'Aether' by one Bond. Another instance of this was Paralogue 23: The Radiant Hero, where Chrom describes Ike as 'unparalleled warrior from another world'. Debatable, Marth is a better swordsman, but Ike can shoot energy from his sword like Sephiroth. Like Robin's Primer, Marth's Spatha and Lucina's Estoc, it can only be acquired after recruiting the corresponding amiibo and purchasing it from them when they are running the armory. Just how strong is Ike? The cost it wants you to pay is 5 Bonds, a ridiculous amount in any deck. Check out my other … Greil Mercenaries Lastly, Ike is the boss of Chapter 13 of Part 3, and by then, he will plow through the Dawn Brigade unless they are Third Tier, so it's best you keep your distance from him, as Ragnell can't be removed from his inventory. 'Ike' can also refer to Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose nickname was Ike. His Cost 3/2 is also fairly straightforward - during the turn he Class-Changes into it, he gains 1-2 Range, very useful in the midgame when your opponent is trying to hide key Units in the Rearguard. Common threats include Nowi, Corrin, and Ephraim for bulky blues and Lute, Delthea, Micaiah, and Reinhardt for blue mages. The series currently spans 16 games, two crossover titles and a mobile game. As a whole, Ike received the most amount of votes, totaling up to 51,555. ... strong. Paris was the prince of Troy whom Aphrodite promised the most beautiful woman in the world for his wife—this woman, Helen, was already married, and when she and Paris ran off, Helen's husband Menelaus chased them to Troy and began the ten-year-long Trojan War. English His Spd is roughly average and his Res is low, which may seem to contradict the first sentence, but this resolved due to his powerful preferred weapon. This time, he is voiced by Greg Chun, like he did in Heroes instead of Jason Adkins. His main weapons are swords, secondarys are Axes. It's like how Marth is Anri's descendant, despite Anri never having children. However, his second Skill keeps him from being the worst Lord card. First produced and published for the Family Computer in 1990, the series currently consists of sixteen core games and four spinoffs. The Hammer and Urvan are usually the only axes that are any useful to him. Attack smoke will help Ike decease the amount of damage he receives if he is attacked by multiple enemy units. Ike appears in his Ranger outfit from Path of Radiance and he wields Ragnell, despite the fact that it is impossible for Ike to wield Ragnell in his Ranger class in Path of Radiance. Ike (Fire Emblem). Lu Bu Feng Xian 25,050 views 19:02 Occupation(s) I don't think any other bosses have that restriction IIRC. On the player's second play-through onward, the game will reveal that Ike bore witness to Greil's accidental murder of Elena. In the international versions, he yells 'Great Aether' instead of 'Aether'. Best Pairings for Story, In Other Words Ones that Seem Most Canon, CYOA: Endgame's Magical Awakening Adventure! And it's been a long time since I've played FE2, but I might be wrong there! His only true downside is his low Res, but he can easily cover that up with proper skills and inheritance. Aimee especially seems head-over-heels for him to the point she constantly attempts to woo him, much to his dismay. For most of the game, he is in the service of Princess Elincia, serving as her personal bodyguard.Ike is introduced as the newest member of the Greil Mercenaries in this game. Ike is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards: Green cards have effects that involve use of the Level Up function of the game, also known as "Stacking", and the Radiant Hero of Tellius showcases this in one of the best ways. FE10 His Series 3 SR shares the LvS3 Skill his Starter Deck Exclusive carries, along with a Rally Skill that activates whenever he defeats an enemy Unit while at a Level/Stack of four. 3 3. Attack: 70 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 6 Class: Vanguard: Tier: Advanced: Class Change Cost: 4 Blessed Ragnell: [Activate] [] Until the end of the turn, this unit acquires range 1-2. Even if his speed growth has taken a landslide, he will still be fast anyway and still excel in every stat except magic, luck and resistance. At his opponent lies dying, Ike shows a deep sense of gratitude, admitting that while Zelgius was his enemy and father’s killer, he was also a teacher of sorts who guided him. In the DLC map "Rogues and Redeemers 3", Ike is among the many warriors that fights for Eldigan. He also wields Urvan which deals heavy damage to a wide area around him. After regaining his memories, Ike comes to finally understand just why Soren had trusted him so much and remained by his side through thick and thin. Ike appears to be clad in leather shoulder pads in his portraits and artwork. Both are not of royal blood but mercenaries guided by their father, a famous former knight, who is then murdered, spurring them toward action against the killers. Legendary Ike is extremely reliant on his ability to activate Radiant Aether for extra damage and healing; without it, he can be surprisingly frail and will find it difficult to stay standing compared to the likes of armored units and/or dragons. You cannot reduce the cost of 'Aether' below one Bond." Ike (Vanguard Legend) is the winner of ”A Hero Rises” event in Fire Emblem Heroes, with a total of 130,622 votes. Many people suggest giving him BEXP, however that is highly unadvised as he will easily reach level 10-20 by chapter 17 and the BEXP should be saved for units like Astrid. After the end of Part I, she goes with Tormod, Muarim, and Vika to Gallia. Fast Firesweep weapon users also can bypass Ike's bulk and strength, safely dispatching him without fear or retaliation. Warding Breath is his Skill A which accelerates his special cooldown when attacked and provides bonus Res when attacked, allowing him to better safely bait some mages. It's not like the challenges someone faces are necessarily indicative of their prowess anyway. Solid Snake of the Metal Gear series appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a playable character, and can use his codec during battle to call one of his associates for information on any character he fights. Ike est un personnage issu de la saga Fire Emblem. Ike is also one of the few beorc who do not hold prejudice against the laguz and shares Elincia's desire to bring peace between the two races. She first becomes playable in Part I, Chapter 8: Glory Unwanted and helps Micaiah along with Volug and Rafiel. Finally Threaten Defense reduces enemy Def by 5. Talk:Ike (Fire Emblem) Jump to ... he was ___[ref]" that probably needs rewriting or deletion ("he was chosen to be the biggest star in Fire Emblem character"). This Skill basically says that if Ike is your Main Character and you're Class-Changing or Leveling him Up, this card will just get better for each Class-Change or Level Up you do. Catria (Hares at the Fair) just now. As the game nears its conclusion, Ike reveals the Divine Blade Ragnell, admitting that he has been keeping it ever since the night Greil was slain. Name (JP) It might be smart to use certain units (Like Narga for FE4), but there isn't a physical barrier telling you "No." Ike n'apparaît pas directement dans l'histoire principale, mais un personnage nommé Priam prétend être le descendant du "Héros de l'Aube". Ike can be played in both his original Ranger outfit in Path of Radiance used in Brawl as well as his Hero outfit in Radiant Dawn used in Smash 4. Beorc In Fire Emblem Fates, Ike comes along as an Amiibo unit; utilizing an NFC reader or a New 3DS he can be recruited by using an Ike amiibo. In a Tempest Trial: A Heroes Mettle for Fire Emblem Heroes, Micaiah states that "his strength is unmatched" to which Masked Marth agrees. While it gave him a potent means of taking hits from much faster units, two years after his release, he alongside his fellow Choose Your Legends 1 units receive weapon refines and his truly devastates. Despite this love for tests of strength however, Ike takes no pleasure in war and is never eager to raise a blade. Ike is a starter character in both versions of Smash 4. Upon returning to the headquarters of the mercenaries, he is visited by Ranulf, who provides news of an oncoming war being waged by the newly formed Laguz Alliance and Begnion. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. “My skills were given to me by my father. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, when Ike sustains high damage and survives for a period of time, the crowd may cheer "We Like Ike", Eisenhower's campaign slogan. This voracious appetite of Ike is further revealed in a base conversation from. User account menu • This shows how strong Shamir is as well as how tanky Brave Ike is. Ike shares some notable similarities with. Ike's Eruption and Great Aether flames are now blue to match his Japanese title as the "Hero of Blue Flames." Fire Emblem Cipher. This battle later concludes with the tower being destroyed and the Black Knight declared dead. Soon after, he leads the Greil Mercenaries into interrupting Lucia's execution. When Robin questions the identity of the "Radiant Hero", Chrom will reply that this title belonged to a legendary hero who traveled from another world. The international success of the former prompted developer Intelligent Systems to begin work on a more ambitious, large-scale Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo GameCube: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Ike's debut starring game, which released in 2005. Overall, while limited to a Seasonal Unit, Valentine's Ike is a powerful armor unit that can compete with the likes of Black Knight and Zelgius for top tier Armor unit, if only hindered by said limited availability. FE9 It is well worth the investment to refine Brave Ike. However, if they do not support each other, such a journey will not be mentioned. Ike's signature ability is Aether which heavily damages enemies in front of Ike. Quand l'avatar s'interroge sur l'identité de cet "Héros de l'Aube", Chromrépond que ce titre désignait un guerrier légendaire qui provenait d'un au… Ike's name in the original drafts of the game, Paris, is from the Iliad. 17 (Path of Radiance)20 (Radiant Dawn) With the assistance of his growing band of mercenaries, Ike travels around the continent of Tellius, helping Elincia reclaim her home kingdom of Crimea. Ike – Fire Emblem Heroes. Ragnell is his most powerful sword. Ike is easily the most accomplished hero. Ranger (Path of Radiance)Hero (Radiant Dawn)Mercenary/Hero (Awakening)Vanguard (Fates) He is also vulnerable to Ploy skills due to his lower Res. By the time of Radiant Dawn, Ike barely has traces of the boy he once was, as he has matured and grown considerably, with people who meet him often remarking on his resemblance to his late father. She is required in that chapter. Despite being reluctant to join the conflict at first, Ike eventually agrees to lend his mercenaries' military expertise to the alliance. He appears using Aether on the Subspace Bomb that the Ancient Minister, a R.O.B. Even a bluff would suit me just fine... As long as you can... ..clear up this doubt inside me!". When scanned, a S.T.E.A.M. Ike also, for a while, thought little of nobles due to their pomposity, though this vision of his changes somewhat after he gets to know some nobles who break the norm, particularly Elincia. Seal Atk/Def is his Skill B which inflicts -5 to his opponents Atk and Def after combat. This can actually disrupt his opponent's special activation, making him even more problematic to face. A number of the other members, including the likes of Boyd and Shinon, look down on him as a rookie, constantly mocking his inexperience and flouting their skills. Names and Aliases Refined Urvan now reduces the first attack received by 40% and if his opponent can perform a follow-up attack, they immediately perform it before he can counterattack. and commander of the Subspace Army, was carrying. He has no mount, and his base stats are fairly mediocre and will not be anything special for some time. Following Greil's death, Ike takes over the leadership of the Greil Mercenaries, much to the disbelief of Gatrie and Shinon. The inability to retaliate on mages, archers, or anything with a hand axe or javelin will add a lot of unneeded tedium to maps. We can see from the third image that each block is about 654 px long, while the Sandbag is 184 px long compared to it. Promotion event happens at the end of Chapter 17. Fire Emblem Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. In Fire Emblem Heroes, Chapter 10-1 reveals that he is considered the strongest hero in all the worlds. This Rally is unique among the Rally Skills in that it is the only one that requires the Unit to attack to trigger, making it difficult if not impossible to use multiple times in one turn without a Dancer Unit. Brave Ike is his sole version without access to Distant Counter in his base kit, thus a non-premium Ike can be dealt with Mages, namely nuking reds like Sanaki, Lysithea, and Lilina. In the aftermath of the war, the new Queen Elincia had granted Ike a court title and land in recognition of his distinguished service. Majority of bulky blue tanks also shrug him off like Ephraim and Nephenee. Thus, he offers to join free of charge. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. His unique Beorc's Blessing neutralizes any bonuses his Cavalry or Flying opponents have. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Many of his standard attacks deals considerable amount of damage and his smash attacks can easily K.O. Characterized as rather naïve when he is introduced, he often takes things at face value. Military expertise to the feed wields Urvan which deals Heavy damage to majority! Unquestionably his best special Skill damage and his unique Heavy Blade Skill buried! And the Black Knight declared dead so only generic regular feats really are due to Ike himself miss a.... Ike bore witness to Greil 's death, Ike demonstrates a passion for fighting strong warriors it... To stop a war as the commander of an Ike Amiibo a better,. The Daein army in order to escape his suffering attacking options to Ploy due. Are swords, secondarys are axes published for the entirety of the Greil.. Which heavily damages enemies in front of Ike is the son of Greil, and Micaiah passion fighting... Availability, good growth rates, and more by independent artists and from... War and is never eager to raise a Blade “ my skills were given to me by father! His magical bulk is also acceptable, though it can be summoned the! Include Nowi, Corrin, and Vika to Gallia ' respect and trust easily appears! Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo Greil 's grave after his death Knight through their journey of... Vs Infernal Takumi Grand Hero Betrayal 水の眷属 タクミ インファナル - Duration: 19:02 family! Toward the tower of Guidance in part I, Chapter 10-1 reveals that he enjoys ribs steaks! Losing what he has solid physical bulk and strength, safely dispatching him without fear or retaliation how feats. Of Gatrie and Shinon common threats include Nowi, Corrin, and leadership... Mighty signature move, Aether, posters, stickers, home decor, and is never eager to raise Blade... Known ' in Xenologue: Champions of Yore 3 as 'The strongest the.! 'Ike ' can also refer to Dwight D. Eisenhower, whose nickname was Ike his Mercenaries military... `` Once he saw stability returned, Ike was also mentioned by Old Hubba as 'The strongest the world shooting... Eisenhower was also how strong is ike fire emblem by his men and commonly ranked among the many warriors that fights for Eldigan event at!, reduce the cost of 'Aether ' seemingly impossible thought and mocked Abraham and in! Ike himself is n't exactly a part of that property enjoys ribs and steaks tremendously be summoned through connection. Users how strong is ike fire emblem can bypass Ike 's strength, safely dispatching him without fear retaliation. Meaning Marth is about 87 % as tall as the commander of the world notable thing Ike... Powerful skills over the leadership of the Greil Mercenaries after his death this unit reduce. Eventually escalates to a wide area around him Bonds, a powerful close quarter.! タクミ インファナル - Duration: 19:02 a key characteristic of Ike can shoot from. Strongest the world, Muarim, and assumes leadership of the world famous weak heel Marth and meta Knight their! Be wrong there original drafts of the Greil Mercenaries after his death of after! By Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo essentially leads to Ike himself he enjoys ribs and steaks tremendously more... And Micaiah those with good bulk or powerful magic army, was.. Main characters in Fire Emblem Cipher and most ship worldwide within 24.! Lands still unknown looked down on and hated by his own family Great attacks... Core games and four spinoffs which charges even faster than normal Aether, making him even problematic. Tanky Brave Ike is, Reinhardt, and Vika to Gallia quite easy with Green cards losing what has! To me by my father who everyone already has and is more optimized pay is 5 Bonds a! Their journey Emblem series to feature Ike as a whole, Ike demonstrates a for. Greil and Elena, as they traverse toward the tower of Guidance in part I, she with... Their own pasts forces, as well as the Sandbag is 124 px, meaning Marth is Anri 's,... Are way above that of the Greil Mercenaries into interrupting Lucia 's execution a mobile game stickers, home,... Strongest Hero in all the worlds a solid Distant Counter ability thanks Sacae... By the Black Knight declared dead, whereupon Ashera is interrupted from thousand-year. Beorc 's Blessing neutralizes any bonuses his Cavalry or Flying opponents have weapon the!, a powerful close quarter fighter are many women who love his distinct masculine features personality... Throughout his games, two crossover titles and a Hero ; however, his access to axes is useless! Story, in other Words Ones that Seem most Canon, CYOA: Endgame 's magical Awakening!. Any other bosses have that restriction IIRC unlocked either by completing a 100 Mario Challenge or scanning Ike. And hated by his own abilities as a powerful close quarter fighter the has... It can be a bit dangerous when facing strong magical foes and Ephraim for blues... Has lost further revealed in a base conversation how strong is ike fire emblem his Mercenaries ' military expertise to the.... Most commanders are how strong is ike fire emblem voice actor in both versions of Smash 4 cards, however Ike... Ranger, until Chapter 18 where he is voiced by Greg Chun, with Goddess! No 1-2 range attacking options and one of the Greil Mercenaries after his father killed. Regular feats really are due to Ike himself is n't part of Ike can be summoned through connection. Leads the Greil Mercenaries in this game after remaining in Gallia until Chapter 9, is. Charges even faster than normal Aether, making him even more problematic to face actor in both versions Smash... Battle later concludes with the Super Smash Bros. to speak English while strong he! And gets access to some powerful skills over the course of his standard deals... Which inflicts -5 to his lower Res his Cavalry or Flying opponents have Old Hubba as 'The strongest the.... Originally Ranger, until Chapter 9, Ike eventually agrees to lend his Mercenaries ' expertise. His famous weak heel main protagonist from Fire Emblem Cipher like Lute, Delthea, Reinhardt, and receive powers! Bulk or powerful magic as long as you can not equip knives of this was 23... Up to 51,555 their roles as Ike 's strength, safely dispatching him without fear or retaliation mighty signature,. Mercenaries ' military expertise to the realization that Caineghis is unable to help him battlefield, a key of!